Our Shop

The Full Spectrum Solar shop features
a 1.56 kW solar photovoltaic awning
and a 9.97kW photovoltaic system
on the roof.

Full Spectrum Solar is proud of our zero-energy-cost office and shop. In early 2013, the building was awarded an ENERGY STAR 100/100 rating. That's the highest rating in Wisconsin; better than 99 percent of comparable buildings!

Below are some of the energy-saving steps we've taken and examples of how you can produce clean, renewable energy at your own home or office.

9.97 kW Roof Mounted Photovoltaic System
Yearly production estimated to be about 12,500 kWh
Sharp 235 Watt and Sharp 240 Watt modules with SolarEdge DC Optimizers
Two SolarEdge 5000-watt inverters

LINK: SolarEdge monitoring of our rooftop array

1.56 kW Photovoltaic Awning
Yearly energy production estimated to be about 2,000 kWh
Sanyo bi-facial 195 Watt modules with clear encapsulate
Fronius IG 2000 inverter

LINK: EGauge monitoring of our awning and rooftop arrays

Other Sustainable Features Include:

  • Business sign lit by energy efficient LEDs
  • High-efficiency boiler system with radiant heat
  • Motion activated on-demand hot water recirculation system
  • Natural daylighting of office area
  • Nighttime ventilation system for summer cooling
  • Super-insulated walls and ceiling
  • Carbon-dioxide regulated ventilation
  • Ductless zoned air conditioning system
  • Reused office furniture and light fixtures
  • Salvaged bamboo flooring from Habitat for Humanity
  • Rain garden for parking lot runoff and rainwater-storing planter for roof runoff
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